Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nexus One Google Phone : Software Review

Nexus One Review

Nexus One Software Review

The Google Phone Nexus One runs on Android 2.1 which brings talk of the town to Android users. A suggestion for Android users that is Android 2.1 has no different from currently version which runs on Motorola Droid (Android 2.0.1)

Firstly,like another Android phones Nexus One completely integrated with Google Voice the great application for Android platform.That means you can make a call and send text message by using your Google Voice number.

Every text field in Nexus One allow you to use voice command.It's a great feature for saving your time by choose the microphone button and talk to the phone and then the phone will converts your speech to text. see speech converts to text on Nexus One video here

Next feature in Nexus One is Live Wallpaper which you can choose many wallpaper settings such as Galaxy,Magic Smoke,Polar Clock,Grass and Water. See Live Wallpaper on Nexus One here.

And new clock application which can show the time and local weather and has easy access buttons to the alarm and runs automatically when charge.

Nevertheless, Nexus One allow you to backup your profile,application and other setting and You also can setting up your Nexus One by using Google contact,email or application which you want in only 10 minutes.

But something which the guy from Engadget mentioned that is Nexus One has no multitouch.And now we can live with a browser or Google Maps with no pinch to zoom but without physical keyboard may be a weak point for Nexus One And another problem is Nexus One can't launch Nesoid application

So,Nexus One maybe not a perfect Android phone cause Google bring out some useful interation away from this phone but in the name of "Google Phone" Nexus One will be talk of the town for a long time from now.

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